How To Subscribe To Podcast

Podcast Instructions

A podcast is a radio show for the web. Just like a radio show, a podcast consists of a series of individual episodes you can listen to on your PC or MP3 player. Episodes can be listened to one at a time, or you can subscribe to the entire series using software such as iTunes.

When you subscribe to a podcast, new episodes are automatically downloaded to your computer, IPod, ITouch or MP3 player as they become available.

You can listen to any podcast inside your web browser simply by clicking on it – you don’t need any external software. To subscribe to the podcast and have new episodes automatically downloaded for you requires podcast software such as iTunes.

iTunes Instructions

To subscribe to the RIMproReport podcast with iTunes, click on the iTunes “Subscribe” button on any page of the site.

iTunes will open, and display the RIMproReport podcast interface. Click on the “Subscribe” button to subscribe to the podcast series. You can also click on any individual episode to listen.

Once you subscribe in Itunes, you need to synch your MP3 player to the Podcast.

Connect your device to the computer. Navigate to your device in Itunes.  Click the podcast tab.

Be sure to check your desire to Synch podcast and choose RIMproReport in the options below. That should do it.

To find the podcast on your iPhone/iPod click Music icon, then in bottom screen select “More” – then click “Podcasts”

Click the RIMproReport link to load the podcasts. Depending on how you configured your iTunes subscription, it might only be the most recent podcast available. Once completely played, if there is a new podcast, iTunes will download it to your device.

Subscribe Directly From iPod, Iphone or iPad

This is still a frustrating thing, but there are ways to listen to the episodes. They are not immediate or automatic unless you synch with iTunes.  But you can browse to iTunes store from your device and search for “RIMproReport”

2019 RIMproReport with Tom Adams