RIMproReport Show 05 The Inaugural Episode

Welcome to the first official RIMproReport broadcast.  While this is the first episode of the news series, we have had some interview shows we provided to set the stage. But here it is. Yay!

Mike Sullivan, President, Automated Records Centre
On today’s show we talk to Jim Booth, Executive Director of PRISM International. We’ll talk about the new HIPAA rule and PRISM’s response to it. You can learn more on this HIPAA response page on the PRISM site.

We also do an in depth interview with Michael Sullivan of Automated Records Centre in State College, PA.  Mike discusses some of the things he is doing and has implemented that are contributing to some particularly significant success in a small market like State College.

Finally, we get some great advice from Ray Barry of Shred School in response our Mail Bag question of the week.

Plus we cover some news and generally try to figure things out on the new RIMproReport.

Show Length: 51 minutes (download it and listen to it at the gym or on your way to work)


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