RIMproReport Show 28 with Angie Keating from Reclamere

Photo of Angie Keating

It’s March!

Can you believe it?

I hope you are well and are finding success and growth as you burst into March.

This week we’ll be talking with Angie Singer Keating of Reclamere. Angie is one of the founders of Reclamere and has emerged as an industry leading data security specialist. We’ll chat with her about the history of Reclamere, their services and more. I think you can learn much from the Reclamere story.

As usual, we’ll also fill you in on the industry news for the week.

I hope you enjoy the show.

Show Length: 44 minutes


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The RIMproReport is a weekly talk show dedicated to the RIM services industry. Hosted by industry insider Tom Adams, the show is for record centers, shredders, scanners and media vault operators. The show is exclusively sponsored by:

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