RIMproReport Show 65 with David Young of Brown and Meyers

David Young is someone who grew up in his dad’s RIM business.

Then he went away…  and now he’s back in the game as Regional Sales Manager at Brown & Meyers in Portland, Maine.

I’d tell you more about him but then you’d miss his really cool “in-between” story.

David Young
Without giving it all away, it involves third grade, two Portlands and one Tsunami.

But you have to listen to the show today to hear it all.

David has a great perspective on social media as well.

As always, we’ll give you the most recent industry news during the show.

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 28 Minutes

Special Thanks to our Exclusive Show Sponsor, O’Neil Software.


4 thoughts on “RIMproReport Show 65 with David Young of Brown and Meyers

  1. Kirsten Young on

    Great interview! David is my cool older brother. I am very proud of him.

  2. David C Young Sr. on

    I have been fortunate to share many of David’s adventures. I visited Sri Lanka after the tsunami. David did not mention his hiking of the Appalachian Trail, 2,181 miles Georgia to Maine in less tha 6 month. I am very proud of him; he is a very strong man.

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