RIMproReport Show 70 with Jim Booth of PRISM

Happy New Year!

My wish for you is that 2012 will be an incredible year for you personally as well as in your business.

I am extremely grateful that you have supported the show this last year. My wish is that the interviews provide you with knowledge, ideas and a greater sense of community.

To mark this year end show, I asked Jim Booth, Executive Director of PRISM International to join me for a look at the year in review.

Jim Booth
Jim is someone who sees the industry like no-one else and with all the changes that have happened and continue to happen, I wanted him to be part of the show this week.

And I wanted to be sure that as he starts his last half year as Executive Director with PRISM, we honored him.

Be sure to listen as Jim gives some incredibly cool advice on how to be uniquely positioned in this industry going forward.

We’ll also catch you up on the industry news from this last week.

Enjoy this extended edition year end show.

Show Length: 42 Minutes

Special Thanks to our Exclusive Show Sponsor, O’Neil Software.


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