RIMproReport Show 72 with Peter Guffin of Pierce Atwood LLP

Data security is not only a big issue for your clients, it is for you too.

Today on the show I speak with Peter Guffin a Partner with Pierce Atwood in Portland, ME. Peter heads the firm’s Privacy and Data Security Practice Group. Peter is intimately involved in the legal aspects of data breaches.

We talk about some of the factors that make breaches so complex and spend some time talking about some of the issues you should be aware of if you ever have a breach yourself.

This is changing our industry. You need to be well aware of your part in the security of data… yours and your clients.

Peter Guffin

FYI: Peter will be a featured speaker at the PRISM Privacy Plus Certification Workshop later this month.

And, we’ll get you caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 38 Minutes

Special Thanks to our Exclusive Show Sponsor, O’Neil Software.


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