RIMproReport Show 73 with Renee Keener of American Document Securities

She birthed her business on September 11, 2001. The fateful events surrounding that day and the affect the tragedy had on her impacted how this RIM business owner even named the business.

Renee Keener called her business American Document Securities. A full service RIM business serving the greater Atlanta market, Renee has an inspiring story. She started out by driving the trucks because she was the only one who knew how. She has since built a business that allows her to provide a full immersion experience for those wanting to learn the shred and records business in a hands-on way.

Renee Keener American Document Securities

During our conversation we discuss the value of hiring sales staff and the power of a dog in marketing. You don’t want to miss it.

Plus we’ll get you caught up on all the latest industry news. (and there is lots this week!)

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 30 Minutes

Special Thanks to our Exclusive Show Sponsor, O’Neil Software.


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