Show 150 with Richard Reese –The Extended Version

Richard Reese Richard Reese. Former President, CEO and Chairman of Iron Mountain

Richard Reese has been one of the most influential people in the entire RIM services industry. From the time he joined Iron Mountain in 1981 until the spring of this year, Richard led a company and an industry to unprecedented heights.

His influence is significant in the services we offer, the associations we are a part of, and the amazing business world we live in. While many in the greater RIM industry compete with Iron Mountain on a daily basis, Richard’s success and story is worthy of applause and admiration as well as observation. Success leaves clues, and this interview is full of them.

In this interview I conducted with him early this spring, we learn more of his story, his perspectives on the RIM industry, his thoughts on the current round of acquisitions and then some predictions he has about where the industry is headed in the future. I ask his advice on entering the industry and succeeding in it as an independent operator. We talk about the commoditization of the industry and a whole lot more.

Share this with senior staff, partners and investors. They need to listen to it as well.

Enjoy the show.

Show length 69 minutes.

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