Show 166 with Bowman Richards of Richards & Richards

Bowman Richards Bowman Richards, Vice President at Richards & Richards

Our guest today is part of the family in one of the most well-known family businesses in the greater RIM and shred services industry.

Bowman Richards is Vice President at Richards & Richards of Nashville, TN. Bowman is the eldest son of Steve Richards, an industry icon. Today we talk to Bowman about growing up in a family business. We discuss the benefits and struggles of this kind of environment from his point of view.

During our discussion, Bowman outlines a very insightful set of items to consider if you are thinking about bringing your kids into the business with you. His perspective makes these ideas incredibly valuable.

We also get caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show. And Happy Holidays.

This will be our last show in 2013.

Show Length: 41 minutes

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2 thoughts on “Show 166 with Bowman Richards of Richards & Richards

  1. Michael Sullivan on

    Family business. Wow, and to try to scratch the surface in twenty minutes…nice job. You could really do a series on family business. Dynamics of family business are absolutely fascinating and can be so beneficial to anyone in family business or considering it. This comes from someone who has done it and is said to have fired his own mother.

    • Tom Adams on

      Mike. That’s a great idea. I might just add that as a mini-series idea for 2014. Thanks.

      Allegedly fired your mother? Wow. Might need to have you on the first episode of the mini-series. Drama sells.

      Thanks for your post.


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