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Thanks for coming to share your success story. Or maybe today, you just need to read some.  Either way, thanks for choosing to help our industry focus on the good and great things that are happening. It will serve us all well.

To add your story,  go to the form at the bottom of the page and fill it in.  It doesn’t have to be the “BEST” story – or perfectly edited.  Just write a small paragraph simply describing the good things that are happening at your RIM related service company.

It could be any number of things. How you helped a client. How you helped the community. Maybe a new service offering or new equipment. Or maybe a new staff person. Maybe you landed a company you’ve been trying to get for years.  Maybe you just got a great thank you from a client you want to share.   The possibilities are large. The only criteria is this… it’s a success story.

9 thoughts on “Success Stories

  1. Bruce Nilsson on

    Still growing, listen to your show every week, thanks for all your advice, another website is being built,, Is it possible to put a link to you show on my site

  2. Jeff on

    We too just launched a new website-, now we’re working on optimization. Check it out!

  3. Msullivan on

    We just launched the coolest new website, atleast we think so. With the new technology and the ability to manage a WordPress site, we can make changes on the fly, update information on a moments notice and truly maneuver the monsterous landscape that is the Web.

  4. Bruce Nilsson on

    We have a University of Letbridge Student working on our website, still in the works but here is the first version, this guy is unreal, great ideas, and the price is right,, if you need a web site developed drop me a line I would be happy to forward your contact info to him,

  5. Phil on

    We just had a good month of new box arrivals. Small victories like this add up and I it always puts a smile on my face to see those pallets sitting on the floor ready for barcoding.

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  7. Mike Coakley on

    The Patrick Cudahy plant fire just outside of Milwaukee lasted over 72 hours and fire departments from 16 surrounding communities helped battled this fire. Once the fire was deemed “under control” the first people thru the door were Patrick Cudahy IT and C.H.Coakley Secured Data Services.

    Today, the Patrick Cudahy plant is up and running, with plans in the works to rebuild what was lost in the fire. Many Southeastern Wisconsin Fire Departments plus a lot of private companies and organizations jumped in and helped the long-standing Wisconsin company during the blaze, and I’m pleased to report that C.H. Coakley & Co., Inc. was one of them.

  8. Mike Sullivan on

    We just launched a brand new website. I am incredibly excited about it. The cool part is how much control it gives me to update my own content. Take a peak when you have a chance.

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