RIMproReport Show 15 Bill Bleil of Delaware Valley Archives

This week an interview with a RIM industry start-up.

Bill Bleil is the President of  Delaware Valley Archives.  Delaware Valley Archives serves the Philadelphia market and is based in Willow Grove, PA.

This is a great story of early persistence, small victories and even some defeats.  If you are a grizzled veteran, this is a great interview to remind you of getting started.  If you are a industry newbie, this story will let you know that it still works to start in the RIM services game.

Enjoy the show.

Special Announcement with an amendment as mentioned in the News

Steve Knight, Operations & Marketing Manager at Vault Management in Tulsa, OK*** just got his first book published. It’s a children’s book entitled All Night Long.  Congratulations Steve!!!! If you have kids, why not support an industry author?  The link to Steve’s new book is in the right hand column of the website.

***(Steve does not work with the  The DataVault in Louisville as I mentioned during the show. My mistake. Woody and Gilbert and The Fonz had me a little rattled. Please accept my apologies. )

Show Length: 36 minutes plus 17 extra seconds of pure, unadulterated listening pleasure.


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