Show 129 with Greg George of Kent Record Management

Greg George Greg George, CEO & Co-Owner, Kent Record Management

An interesting ownership structure, a small marketplace, a diverse RIM service business, recent acquisitions and evident success. Today we learn about the unique story of  Kent Record Management in Grand Rapids, MI.

Our special guest today is Greg George, the CEO and one of the co-owners of Kent Record Management. We learn from Greg how this small market company has grown to have a big state presence and acquired more companies along the way.

We also get you caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 30 minutes

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RIMproReport Show 09 with Ian Thomas, O’Neil Software – Tom Dumez, Kent Records – Steve Richards, Richards and Richards

On this week’s show we chat with Ian Thomas of O’Neil Software about trends he is seeing in the RIM service industry.  I encourage you to follow Ian’s Twitter feed as he has great info and updates there.

Tom Dumez visits San Diego

We also converse with Tom Dumez, VP of HR at Kent Records in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Tom has led the charge at Kent to ensure all staff understand and comply with HIPAA related requirements in their record center.  Tom is also now helping other RIM service companies ensure staff are HIPAA savvy as well. If you are interested in chatting more with Tom you can reach him via email at “trainings” at “kentrecords” dot com.  Or call his toll free number at 800.536.6681.

Finally, we talk at length with Steve Richards of Richards and Richards about being ready for disaster in you RIM business. With a recent fire in our industry, there is no better person to talk to than Steve.  And as much as many believe they are prepared, this interview should not be missed.  Just listening and implementing one thing Steve talks about in this show could save you some major headaches if anything did ever happen to you.

As always, we include this week’s industry news and a few other things.

For your information, this is the show time blocks.

  • Ian Thomas starts at the 5 minute mark,
  • Tom Dumez at 21 minutes into the show,
  • The Industry news is at 40 minutes and
  • Steve Richards comes on at about the 45 minute mark.

Enjoy this week’s show.

Show Length: 80 minutes but who’s counting?  With a show this good, you don’t need to count.


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