Show 157 with Nate Segall of AccuShred

Nate Segall Nate Segall, President of Accushred

Every business that has created some degree of success in their market has taken specific actions to get them there. If you are willing to look for those clues, you can often leverage them in your own business.

Nate Segall of AccuShred, a full service shredding and destruction services company based in Toledo, OH, has led his company to abundant success. Today on the RIMproReport we learn his story and dig into some of the things he’s done to drive that success.

Nate talks about learning the importance of allowing shred service revenue to stand on its own and not getting pulled into the commodity trap. He talks about the importance of shred drivers in his business. He chats about how he hires those drivers and about a great source for finding them.

There are lots of great things to learn from Nate today.

We also get you caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show today.

Show Length: 40 minutes

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