RIMproReport Show 43 with Larry Varn of Pierce Atwood

Larry Varn

This week on the show we meet “the” RIM industry lawyer, Larry Varn.  Larry is a Partner in the Litigation Group at Pierce Atwood in Boston.

Larry has been involved in some of the largest industry legal situations and as a result has  significant insider knowledge.  As you’ll hear, he’s got a ton of experience.

Dig your well before you’re thirsty is a great peace of wisdom…  today, we’re digging the well for you.  I wanted you to get to know Larry, just in case you’re thirsty some day.

Be sure to listen for the “risk” issues he thinks you should be aware of in your RIM business.

We also catch you up on the industry news this week.

Enjoy the show.

BTW.  If you need to get in touch with Larry, click the link on his name above to get his phone and email address.

Show Length: 34 minutes

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RIMproReport Show 41 with Gary Smith from DACS

Gary Smith

On the show this week we spend some time with Gary Smith, VP of Sales and Marketing at DACS, a manufacturer and global provider of steel decking products for the material handling, record storage and construction industries. Two of their industry focused rack products are Punch Deck and FlueKeeper.

Gary is a significant contributor to the industry in the way of compliance and regulatory issues related to racking.

In our conversation Gary discusses with me what he sees in the RIM world from the perspective of rack related buying activity, compliance and also lets us know about some new requirements that are looming on the horizon.

We also get you caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show this week.

Show Length: 31 minutes




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