Show 134 with Richard Reese of Iron Mountain Part 2

Richard Reese Richard Reese. Former President, CEO and Chairman of Iron Mountain

On last week’s show we learned the Richard Reese story. We discovered what he did before Iron Mountain, how he got to Iron Mountain and then the incredible success he experienced while at Iron Mountain as it’s President, CEO and Chairman.

In this, the second half of my interview with Richard, I ask him about his perspectives on the RIM industry, his thoughts on the current round of acquisitions and any predictions he might have about where the industry is headed in the future. I ask his advice on entering the industry and succeeding in it as an independent operator. We talk about the commoditization of the industry and a whole lot more.

This show should be required listening for anyone in the RIM industry.

We will also get you caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 41 minutes

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RIMproReport Show 75 with Marvin Parker of Docusafe

Marvin Parker is the General Manager of DocuSafe Data & Records Management in Princeton, New Jersey. He started with DocuSafe when it was only 50,000 cartons, a tiny division of Bohren’s Moving and Storage.

Marvin Parker DocuSafe Data & Records Management

Since he arrived as General Manager, he’s grown the business to over a million cartons in storage and more than a million tapes in the vault. It is a great business development story that you should learn more about.

We’ll also give you the latest updates from the industry.

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 31 Minutes

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RIMproReport Show 70 with Jim Booth of PRISM

Happy New Year!

My wish for you is that 2012 will be an incredible year for you personally as well as in your business.

I am extremely grateful that you have supported the show this last year. My wish is that the interviews provide you with knowledge, ideas and a greater sense of community.

To mark this year end show, I asked Jim Booth, Executive Director of PRISM International to join me for a look at the year in review.

Jim Booth
Jim is someone who sees the industry like no-one else and with all the changes that have happened and continue to happen, I wanted him to be part of the show this week.

And I wanted to be sure that as he starts his last half year as Executive Director with PRISM, we honored him.

Be sure to listen as Jim gives some incredibly cool advice on how to be uniquely positioned in this industry going forward.

We’ll also catch you up on the industry news from this last week.

Enjoy this extended edition year end show.

Show Length: 42 Minutes

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RIMproReport Show 26 with Vinny Sakore of Immersion, Ltd.

Welcome back to the RIMproReport! It’s been a couple months and a day since we’ve been here, but we’re back and in action now.

I hope that your 2011 has been great so far, and that you’ve been staying warm.

This week we’ll be catching up on news within the industry, as well as chatting with Vinny Sakore, Vice President of Business Development with Immersion, Ltd. Today we are going to be talking about their InfoLaunch disaster breach notification service.

This is really good stuff.

I hope you enjoy this week’s show and the valuable information it contains.

Show Length: 38 minutes


RIMproReport Show 25 The 2010 RIM Industry Review

Welcome to the final show of the 2010 year.

Thanks for joining us each week to hear the stories and perspectives of different people within the RIM industry — and to keep up to date on the industry news.

Instead of an interview this week, we will be recounting the big industry events throughout the year.  A RIM industry retrospective.

I hope you enjoy it.

Please note we will be taking the next couple of weeks off for the holidays. Please take the time to listen to any one of the shows you might have missed.  We will return the first week of 2011.

Happy holidays to you and yours from all of us here at Flourish Press.

Show Length: 25 minutes


2019 RIMproReport with Tom Adams