RIMproReport Show 15 Bill Bleil of Delaware Valley Archives

This week an interview with a RIM industry start-up.

Bill Bleil is the President of  Delaware Valley Archives.  Delaware Valley Archives serves the Philadelphia market and is based in Willow Grove, PA.

This is a great story of early persistence, small victories and even some defeats.  If you are a grizzled veteran, this is a great interview to remind you of getting started.  If you are a industry newbie, this story will let you know that it still works to start in the RIM services game.

Enjoy the show.

Special Announcement with an amendment as mentioned in the News

Steve Knight, Operations & Marketing Manager at Vault Management in Tulsa, OK*** just got his first book published. It’s a children’s book entitled All Night Long.  Congratulations Steve!!!! If you have kids, why not support an industry author?  The link to Steve’s new book is in the right hand column of the website.

***(Steve does not work with the  The DataVault in Louisville as I mentioned during the show. My mistake. Woody and Gilbert and The Fonz had me a little rattled. Please accept my apologies. )

Show Length: 36 minutes plus 17 extra seconds of pure, unadulterated listening pleasure.


RIMproReport Show 14 Cheryl Creviston of Jayhawk File Express

Cheryl Creviston, President and CEO of Jayhawk File Express in Topeka, KS has an interesting story to tell.  She came into the industry from a completely different industry background in 2006. Quite a leap as you will hear.

But she and Jayhawk are doing very well. In fact, they keep racking up awards for it.

You’ll hear why in this interview.

I trust you will find her story interesting and informative.

News Links as mentioned in the show:

Link to Economic Recovery Item as discussed in the show intro.

Show Length: 36:45, eesh… a little over 30 this week. Hope you can forgive me.


RIMproReport Show 13 with Helen Streck of Kaizen InfoSource

Sweet, check this out! We got listed in the Microsoft Zune podcast directory this week.  Yay!

On this week’s show, we talk to Helen Streck, the President and CEO of Kaizen InfoSource.  Helen is a veteran records and information management expert and insider.  She is an active participant, award winner, leader and contributor in the ARMA world.  Even more than that, Helen is a delightful person to talk with.

I wanted Helen on the show so we could chat about the opportunities that RIM service providers have to partner with RIM experts like her and others.

She has some great insights to share during our interview.  I know you’ll enjoy it and her!

You can learn more about Helen and her team at Kaizen InfoSource by clicking the link.

Link related to today’s news.

Here is a link to my ultra-cool scooter, Buddy! And for kicks, a picture below. If you beg, I’ll show you one of me on it next time.

Show Length: 32:02134 minutes approximately.


RIMproReport Show 12 with Bradley Collings of Secure Document Alliance

The fall season has officially started on the RIMproReport. Hope you had a great summer and are ready for an exciting fall.

On this week’s show we have a great conversation with Bradley Collings,  President of Secure Document Alliance.  Exciting and different,  SDA is  a significant player in the secure destruction industry.  They are active in a ton of markets throughout North America.  A great story.


News Links of note

Special thanks to Ron Burgundy, Jonathan Steinbloom and Rosie Mullins for guest appearances on the show.

Show Length: 35:12 or so… but there are a few moments of silence. So in total, a little less.


RIMproReport Show 11 with Kathi Albertini

It’s the end of the summer show.  Labor Day weekend is approaching.  Thanks for a great summer to kick off the show.

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On this week’s show we chat with Kathi Albertini about issues she is intimately aware of in RIM service companies. She leads Profit Enhancement Groups (PEG) for PRISM members.  In addition to the PEGs, her work includes workshops for upper management and supervisory personnel on operations, sales and marketing, finance and control and organizational issues.  Her consulting work focuses on organizational growth and technology assessment.  In addition, she leads Profit Enhancement Groups in other industries and provides consulting services.

Listen closely to Kathi’s thoughts on technology utilization in companies that grow effectively.

Kathy’s website can be found at


News Links

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Show Length: 33.456 minutes to be exact.


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