RIMproReport Show 17 with Rob Alston, Access Information Management

On today’s show, a great interview with Rob Alston,  President, Operations and Business Development at Access Information Management.  Rob shares some great information on how they think about acquisitions, the scanning part of the business and the changes Access has made to their sales compensation programs.  You don’t want to miss it.

We also relay the significant news from the RIM industry this week.

Enjoy the show.

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Show Length: 40 minutes


3 thoughts on “RIMproReport Show 17 with Rob Alston, Access Information Management

  1. Scott McNelley on

    Always informative. Many times we get so busy in the doing that we forget to focus on the goal. The show helps me remember to study what I am doing in relation to the goal. Sometimes my notions or strategy is reinforced other times I realize I need to modify my approach. And on occasion I am faced with the fact that what I am doing does not contribute to what I really want to achieve. Thanks for allowing me to pause & think.


    • Tom Adams on


      Thanks for taking the time to listen and I am deeply appreciative of your comments.

      One of the cool things we get from the show and the interviews is the ability to know and hear someone else’s history. And in their history and their story are incredible wisdom. Each and every show is an opportunity to learn something that they’ve learned. I am glad you are allowing the interviews to have that kind of impact on you.

      Thanks also for sharing your story with us.

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Steve Knight on

    Great show Tom! Another home run with Rob Alston! He provided some great industry insight. Keep up the great work!

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