RIMproReport Show 42 with Victor Hernandez of Safe Data Resources

Victor Hernández

This week on the show we talk to Victor Hernández, co-founder of Safe Data Resources, a RIM service company with eight locations in Mexico City,  Guadalajara and Monterrey.

Victor is a significant contributor to the industry as a whole, and along with board leadership in PRISM,  he also founded AMIGA, an independent Record Center association in Mexico.

I have wanted to chat with Victor for a long time and hear his story.

Be sure to listen for his new  RIM “pizza” business.

We’ll also get caught up on the industry news.

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 38 minutes

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2 thoughts on “RIMproReport Show 42 with Victor Hernandez of Safe Data Resources

  1. Jccmemorycorp on

    Hi, my name is Juan Cortes I’m partner and the operations manager of RIM Company in Colombia name Memory Corp. I know Victor and he is a really nice person, and he is the heart and soul in the   promotion of  RIM Latin American companies to be part of Prism en he was the person who make all of us joint in Miami in the Latin American Prism Forum.  Like he said, there will be a Forum in Cartagena next year and from now we are promoting it.  We are  looking forward of all the benefits we can get from all of us getting together sharing experiences always looking to be at the same level  of the  American Industry.
    Tom, why did you ask Victor about cars?  Let me tell you,  my partner(20 years of RIM EXPERIENCE) and I  are car lovers( modern , racing, vintage , you name it, we have it!) and when you want to talk about RIM and cars  Bogotá Colombia is you home……….congratulation for your show and to Victor a big hug and always thanking him for what he is promoting.

    • Tom Adams on


      Thanks for your comments. Yes, I think Victor is a pretty amazing guy.

      As for car question, I like asking it because it tells you a lot about people – apart from the business.

      But if I can get to Bogotá, I’d love to see your cars.

      Send me some pictures.


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