RIMproReport Show 75 with Marvin Parker of Docusafe

Marvin Parker is the General Manager of DocuSafe Data & Records Management in Princeton, New Jersey. He started with DocuSafe when it was only 50,000 cartons, a tiny division of Bohren’s Moving and Storage.

Marvin Parker DocuSafe Data & Records Management

Since he arrived as General Manager, he’s grown the business to over a million cartons in storage and more than a million tapes in the vault. It is a great business development story that you should learn more about.

We’ll also give you the latest updates from the industry.

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 31 Minutes

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4 thoughts on “RIMproReport Show 75 with Marvin Parker of Docusafe

  1. Scott McNelley on

    I love growth, I never feel like we are doing enough. Really nice to hear from someone who has done it in a big way. Thanks as always I am a fan.

    • Tom Adams on

      Marvin’s 3 step direct mailers are powerful. The fact that you are hungry to do more is a great sign. Keep it up man.

  2. Lloyd Williams on

    Hi Tom,
    Really enjoyed the show today I found Marvin very candid in his interview, I found the interview very enlightning and the method of marketing served as a back to basics in lots of the things we built our business on in the early days. We have like many others are becoming a little disillusioned of late with ‘pay per click’ etc. WE have begun re thinking our marketing model in an effort to reduce some costs. Alot of Marvins thoughts are in line with our thoughts and it was interesting to get those endorsements from someone who is making his plan work – free of charge! keep up the good work i’m loving these interviews. Lloyd

    • Tom Adams on


      Great to hear from you. I think it prudent to look at the best, most cost effective way to market our businesses. PPC is not longer the best solution. But its something that has to be tested.

      Hey, Melissa has been trying to get you on the show. We’d love to spend some time talking to you.


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