Show 104 with Stephen Hershman of The Shred Stop

Today’s show is about a person that looked at a problem in a different way. Not from the shred industry, Steven Hershman faced an identity theft issue that pushed him to shred everything. In the process he discovered that small, desk-side shredders just don’t do the task of shredding like they should.

Shred Stop Kiosk Stephen Hershman & Keith Rettig, Co-Founders of The Shred Stop in front of their “Shred Kiosk”

So he set off in a quest to create a solution. He and his partner, Keith Rettig worked to prototype a self-serve, kiosk-style shred machine to place in grocery stores. That prototype has evolved into a viable, revenue producing machine that is making it’s way in a more dramatic way into grocery stores. The Shred Stop just recently announced a agreement with Safeway to begin adding the shred kiosks into stores in the northwest.

It’s a great story and one that I know you’ll be interested in hearing.

We’ll also get you caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 32 minutes

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4 thoughts on “Show 104 with Stephen Hershman of The Shred Stop

  1. Ian Thomas on

    What a great idea. Every self storage site or mailing center could use this.

  2. Gary Smith on

    Great idea. Maybe they should pitch to Mark Cuban and the gang on Shark Tank!

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