Show 149 with John Gilbert of Sunfood

John Gilbert John Gilbert, Director of Information Technology at Sunfood

Today is a great opportunity for you to get a glimpse into the mind of an IT Director. If you’ve struggled to figure out how to get their attention or sell to them, this show will be very instructive for you.

John Gilbert, Director of Information Technology at Sunfood, a San Diego company that sells organic raw foods and super-foods, joins us to share his experience and perspectives.

He’ll help you to understand what his average day looks like. And you’ll learn how much work he has to do to get your services accepted in his world. He also describes what he considers effective as it relates to the marketing you use to try and reach him. Then he identifies where disaster recovery and data back-ups reside on the list of corporate IT priorities. It’s all very enlightening.

This interview is worth listening to and sharing with any of your staff who try and sell data protection or vault-related services. You really can’t afford to miss it.

We’ll also get you caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show.

Show length 41 minutes

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2 thoughts on “Show 149 with John Gilbert of Sunfood

  1. Dale Anesi on

    Good show Tom. Helpful to hear his prospective. Thank you for providing these podcasts.


    • Tom Adams on


      You are welcome. Thanks for listening. I am glad that these shows are valuable and worthwhile.


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