Show 140 with Angie Singer Keating, CEO of Reclamere

Angie Singer Keating Angie Singer Keating, CEO, Reclamere

This show will likely put some serious and well-warranted fear into you. My hope is that the energy of your fear gets quickly translated into preventative actions to ensure you don’t end up in hot water or even on the wall of shame.

The topic…protecting the electronic data that you touch in any way, shape or form.

Angie Singer Keating, the CEO of Reclamere, got my attention when she started talking about the risks we face as service providers in the RIM world as it relates to data, our own computer, data security systems, and the implications we face if we are not demanding the same type of security processes and procedures we do with the physical data we deal with on a regular basis. Fact is, we are more at risk digitally than we are physically. So get ready to be scared into action.

This show might just save your business life.

Here are some of the things Angie mentioned during the extended interview today.

HHS Office of Civil Rights Audit Protocol (Critical to self audit, especially security section)

NAID 2013 Security Threats & Trends (PDF download of Angie’s presentation from NAID)

The will be no news today to allow for this extended interview.

Show Length: 47 minutes

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