Show 158 with Charlotte Williams of Shredall

Charlotte Williams Charlotte Williams, Marketing & PR Manager at Shredall & SDS

You might think that being involved in the hit British TV show The X Factor and hanging with Simon Cowell on the set would be quite glamorous. But for Charlotte Williams, it’s all just part of a great story that eventually led her to our industry.

Charlotte is the PR and Marketing Manager for Shredall & SDS based in Nottingham, England. Shredall & SDS did some pretty cool things before she arrived. But when Charlotte showed up, she brought some focus and direction to the company as well as tactical actions that she shares with us on the show today.

Learn about some of the things she’s done at the company to help them create a powerful presence in the marketplace including earning awards, generating publicity, and focusing on Shredall & SDS’ original success tactics.

Charlotte understands media and uses it to her advantage. You can definitely learn something from her today.

We also get you caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show.

Show Length: 31 minutes

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RIMproReport Show 40 Tom on Blogging

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The show today is all about blogging.

Along with the industry news and regular studio guest banter,  I’ll spend some time sharing what I know about blogging and why it is so important to your web marketing strategy.

I’ll even give you some great ideas about how to develop and create content.

If the whole subject of blogging interests you, then this is a show for you.

Enjoy the show.

Show length: 30 minutes.

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