Show 127 with Michael Smith of ReadySmith Advisers

Michael Smith Michael Smith, President and Founder of Readysmith Advisers

Disaster recovery, business continuity and emergency preparedness are some of the important reasons clients use RIM related services. And the better their planning and preparation for the unthinkable, the more likely they are to use even more of those services.

On today’s show, Michael Smith, the President and Founder of Readysmith Advisers joins us. Michael has significant experience and expertise in disaster recovery & business continuity planning. He’s been a practice leader with some of the largest consulting firms in the world focused on this specialty.

A few years ago he left the corporate consulting world to build his own practice aimed at providing the same kind of expertise to the small to mid-sized business sector. As I discover in our conversation, he and his team have built a wonderful “readiness-as-a-service” system for the SMB world that leverages the power of the expertise with the access of an online interface.

We’ll also catch you up on the latest industry news.

Show Length: 45 minutes

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