RIMproReport Show 10 Indecent Exposure with Jeff Ice and Brian Jungeberg

Welcome to our 10th show.  We’re excited by the continued growth of the show.  Thanks for supporting us by listening.

We’d love to hear from you and learn more about what’s happening in your business.

First major change of the show… we want to make each one around 30 minutes now.  We’ve been creeping up in the greater than 70 ++ minute range, so I hope that the more concise shows will make it easier to listen to a complete show.

On today’s show we talk to Jeff Ice and Brian Jungeberg of Brightstone Insurance Services.  Oswald Logistics has created some very specific industry insurance products that are worth knowing about.

You can contact Jeff at 440. 260.1050  or Brian at 440.260.1002  for more information.

Their emails respectively are: jice@brightstoneins.com  and bjungeberg@brightstoneins.com

Here are a couple of articles written by Jeff and Brian helping to articulate the issue we discuss during the show.

[Full Disclosure for the FTC: I receive no compensation for talking to industry vendors on the show.  I provide these vendor interviews because they have valuable resources to offer our RIM community.  If at some point a guest is a sponsor for the show, or there is financial remuneration to me for their presence on the show, I will disclose that before the interview.]

During the news portion of the show, I make reference to these items. Here are the links to the relevant details.

Show Length: Only 36 minutes. Hope you like these shorter versions.


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