Show 141 with Sam Carpenter, Author of Work the System

Sam Carpenter Sam Carpenter, Author of Work the System

Whack-a-mole. You know the game where the mole pops its head up and you have to hit it as quickly as you can? Do you feel like your business world looks a lot like that?

There is a better way! You can systemize your business so it will grow and flourish without sucking up every ounce of energy you have and every minute you possess.

Sam Carpenter used to run himself ragged as the President of Centratel, one of the largest commercial telephone answering services in the USA. He then discovered the power of systems and everything changed for him and the business. Sam went from 80-hour work weeks down to just two-hour weeks while at the same time multiplying his income 20-fold.

Once he proved it, he wrote a book about the systems and processes he instituted at Centratel and outlined how to make them work for other business owners. I discovered the book a couple of years ago and devoured it. We then implemented systems into our business and it changed things dramatically for us too. The book Sam wrote is Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less.

Today on the RIMproReport, I am honored to have Sam Carpenter join us to talk about how you can escape the frustrating world of putting out fires and reacting to the whack-a-mole existence and create a business that works for you.

As an added bonus, I purchased 20 books from Sam to give away on the show today. All you have to do is share this interview link with other business owners on your social media platform of choice, then send me an email to request a book. Please include your mailing address as well. I’ll send the book to the first 20 who respond.

If you want to learn more about Work The System, download the pdf version. To learn more about how you can implement Work The System processes into your business, visit

We will also get you caught up on the latest industry news.

Enjoy the show. It’s incredibly good.

Show Length: 48 minutes

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